SpamExperts Email Spam Filtering Service

The best solution against inbound spam and viruses!

What is Spamexperts ?

SolarWinds Spam Experts helps web-hosting companies and ISPs/telcos strengthen email protection. Services include affordable inbound and outbound email filtering and archiving solutions—driven by a continuously updated Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine to meet emerging threats.

SolarWinds Spam Experts provides powerful email security and archiving solutions designed to safeguard networks and help save time and money by improving resource efficiency—at a competitive price.

Spam Experts Features

Save resources and costs

Spam Experts helps protect the full range of email hazards while saving resources and costs. We provide competitive, per-domain pricing for web hosts and competitive, bulk, user-based licenses for ISPs and telcos.

Choose your deployment

All services can be deployed on our redundant cloud infrastructure or locally on your (virtualized) hardware. The services run in front of, and independent of, your email infrastructure.

Integrate with a wide range of tools

Customers benefit from free automation plugins for many popular control and provisioning panels, billing tools, as well as webmail platforms. Alternatively, the software can be easily integrated in any existing code environment using the extensive API.

Safe email flow, helping ensure continuity

Spam Experts offers multilevel control and additional email continuity via storing emails and retrying delivery during outages or downtime; this provides an uninterrupted email flow and access to queued, archived, or quarantined email.

Empower users to manage their email flows

The system provides a multilingual, user-friendly interface with multilevel access (super admin, admin, reseller, domain, email-address level). Users get real-time visibility into threats, via a live quarantine with view, release, remove, blacklist, block, or whitelist message options.

Build your brand recognition with custom branding

Spam Experts offers custom branding options to clients who are interested in rebranding their email security services.

Why to choose Spam Experts!

The Best Solution Against Spam And Viruses For Your Organization

Keep your network free from unwanted emails, viruses, ransomware and phishing attempts. Introduce our security solutions by filtering incoming emails, and protect your users, employees, and IPs from numerous hazards via email. SpamExperts applies its proven, self-healing, intelligent technologies to eliminate unwanted email messages before they reach in your network.

Immediate Detection of New Spam and Malware Attack

SpamExperts constantly improves the security of your data collection and analysis, detecting new patterns immediately and identifying deviations. This accumulated information is shared in real time with all our customers worldwide, ensuring timely protection against new threats.


SpamExperts Incoming SPAM Filtering

  • Inbound Filtering
  • 99.95% Email Server Uptime
  • Attachment Restrictions
  • Log Search
  • Web Management
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Email Size Restriction
  • Filter Settings
  • 99% Filtering Accuracy
  • Spam Quarantine
  • allowlist / Blocklist
  • WHM Plugin

Features That Move Your Business Forward

Benefit from tailor-made email security offerings to enhance your business and better address your end-clients’ needs.


Get Backups of Your Emails

The loss of emails with business information is something tragic and should be avoided. Introduce email archiving, an essential tool for preserving and backing up, keeping you in compliance with legal requirements!


Reduce Costs

Protect your network with our highly competitive joint licenses, at a fraction of the competitive price. Take advantage of the Lowest Price Guarantee compared to other professional email security solutions with the same level of quality.


Full and Simple Control

Get complete control and is easy to use. With SpamExperts and ServerVendors you get simple, fast and convenient management. With our exclusive dashboard, in just a few clicks you have control over your entire email history.


Quick Setup

If you are already a ServerVendors customer, rest assured that all configurations are done on your account! Just hire and wait for everything to be set up.


Easy to Use

Adding your domain to the destination mail server and a simple change to the MX records can be fully automated. And you do not have to do anything else!


Quality and Efficiency of Filtration

The unrivaled knowledge of SpamExperts is the direct result of processing millions of emails every second of the day. Our incoming email filters have a leading ratio of almost 100% filter accuracy with almost 0 error-positive filtering.


Integration and Automation

SpamExperts provides built-in add-ons that integrate fully into Receiving Filtering. The add-ons include main control panels and other email collaboration tools (cPanel, Odin Service Automation, Plesk, Direct Admin, ISPsystem, and Open-Xchange).


Supported Mail Servers

SpamExperts is fully independent and supports any SMTP-compliant email server (Exchange mail filtering, Zimbra mail, Exim, Qmail, Lotus, and others).


Support and Full Updates

SpamExperts Incoming Filter is fully managed, maintained, monitored and is kept up-to-date by the team of SpamExperts and is synchronized with the central databases worldwide in real-time.


Quarantine and Reporting

SpamExperts has a complete log search tool with advanced quarantine options so you can check the status of any email that has passed through its system.


Delivery Queue

SpamExperts delivery queues add a level of redundancy when the destination server cannot be reached. Messages in the queue are forwarded to the destination mail server when it is possible to contact you again, preventing messages from being lost or returning to the sender. Queued emails can be accessed and read through the web-based interface.



Our centralized, multi-tiered web interface allows you to have multiple permission levels, dialing options, and other features such as automatic user detection, attachment management, and black and white listing tools.

The Best Solution Against Spam And Viruses For Your Organization!

Keep your network free from unwanted emails, viruses, ransomware and phishing attempts. Introduce our security solutions by filtering incoming emails, and protect your users, employees, and IPs from numerous hazards via email!

SpamExperts applies its proven, self-healing, intelligent technologies to eliminate unwanted email messages before they reach in your network.

Empower end clients to manage their email flows through a highly intuitive, multitenant, and user-friendly interface. It can help reduce support resources and costs as well as increase client satisfaction.


We Practice What We Preach

We’d never suggest you to use a product we wouldn’t use ourselves. That's what keeps over 1300 people across 21 countries, and 3 continents truly connected.

We support the basic e-mail protocols that you expect. SMTP, IMAP, POP3. We support mail forwarding (aka aliasing), and plus addressing. We offer Crossbox, Rainloop, and Roundcube for your choice in webmail client.

We’ve mostly taken IP reputation off of the table by using a high reputation pool of IP addresses. If an e-mail fails delivery due to IP reputation, we send again, and again, until we get it right. It’s not your problem and we know that.

Frequently Aksed Questions

What is SpamExperts?

SpamExperts offers professional email security solutions such as incoming and outgoing email filtering as well as email archiving solutions. They're one of the most precise spam filtering solutions in the market. With the use of multiple filtering technologies such as advanced IP-reputation systems, a large number of message content classifiers manage to deliver nearly 100% filtering accuracy.

What's the difference between SpamExperts and SpamAssassin?

SpamExperts offers way more accurate email-filtering, it's using multiple technologies to decide if something should be marked as spam or not, where SpamAssassin, in general, are simpler and uses simpler methods to detect possible spam. SpamAssassin is also directly installed on your server and this can consume a lot of server resources which is not the case with SpamExperts and more importantly it isn't updated in real-time like SpamExperts.

What technologies do SpamExperts use and how does it rate spam?

SpamExperts uses a lot of different technologies to decide whether a specific email should be seen as spam or not.There are a few stages how it performs filtering: pre-data, post-data and a stage in between these two.
The pre-data stage includes Connection rate limiting, IP Blacklist checking, destination domain verification, SMTP protocol compliance, sender address inspection, recipient validation checks, whitelist/blacklist of sender and/or recipients, recipient connection rate limit, SPF checks, content reputation feeds, bounce address tag validation as well as simple private signatures.
On the post-data stage, this includes validation of DKIM and DMARC, rules defined by a specific user, virus scanning, DNS and URI reputation checks, fingerprinting, statistical information about senders and heuristics defined by SpamExperts.
In between these two stages, there's also a direct feed looking at general IP reputation, if the sending IP is known for spending spam, and their sending history.
With most or all these metrics - the software will calculate a combined score - and depending on this score it will either accept the email or mark it as spam and thus putting it in the quarantine.
Some of the pre-data checks will result in dropping the emails before even reaching the post-data stage, this only happens if the sending server is poorly configured or being a part of one or more blacklists.

Why does most of my incoming email end in spam?

SpamExperts operate with a very high accuracy, this ensures that only legitimate emails go through but at the same time that the filter doesn't actually block legitimate emails unless something on the sending server isn't configured as it should.
In case most of your incoming email goes to spam are often due to if you're redirecting other email accounts outside your domain or hosting account towards your domain. This on a lot of mail servers rewrites the sender, which as a result will cause a lot of the filtering technologies to see the email as spam, most likely due to invalid SPF or DMARC records.

How perfect is SpamExperts in identifying spam?

SpamExperts can prevent 99% of the spam emails addressed to your domain from reaching your inbox. The tests done by our team proved it to be very effective and that is all without making any changes to the default settings. Although there is no spam detection solution that works 100% perfectly, when this happens, you can flag such messages as spam so that SpamExperts marks them as a spam in future.

Do I get a control panel that I can access?

Yes. If you are a domain administrator, you can set up control panel access for users, or users can set it up themselves. Guidelines to access the control panel are included in the email which individual email users receive from SpamExperts when the first spam message is marked.

Do I need to adjust the settings in SpamExperts?

No, you don't. We have tested the default SpamExperts settings and we found it to be amazingly efficient. If you still want to make the changes in settings that fit in your requirement, you have that ability.

For how long the spam messages are quarantined?

or 28 days. You can retrieve messages any time through the SpamExperts control panel.

Do I have to pay for each individual email address that I want to protect?

No, when we activate SpamExperts for your domain, every email address on your domain is protected from spam.

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