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Simplify your cloud infrastructure with our Linux virtual machines and robust set of tools to develop, deploy, and scale your modern applications faster and easier.

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  • Time-Saving
  • 24/7 Available Support
  • Server Monitoring
  • Optimization and Growth
  • Increased Productivity
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Knock out the obstacles, complexity of managing your cloud and save your precious hours for your business.


  • Cost And Time Saving
  • Reduced Resource Cost
  • 24/7 Available Support
  • Server Monitoring
  • Improved Security
  • Increased Productivity
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Deploy more with our Linux virtual machines, global infrastructure, and simple pricing


  • Cost And Time Saving
  • Reduced Resource Cost
  • 24/7 Available Support
  • Server Monitoring
  • Improved Security
  • Increased Productivity
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A Complete Guide to Cloud Computing. If you are new to cloud computing or want a flexible hosting solution, you are at right destination.


  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud Servers
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • IaaS, Paas, Saas
  • Public & Privat Cloud
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Cloud Server Features

Pay the Way You Prefer

We offer convenient billing for Cloud Hosting, allowing you to pick the billing option that works best for you and your budget. Choose the billing cycle that works best for you.

Full Management

Our industry-leading support experts are always here for you, 24/7/365. Whether you need assistance or have questions, reach out to us via phone, Live Chat, or support ticket anytime to receive a prompt response from a real person.

SSD Drives

Solid State Drives significantly increase the speed of your server, as they read and write information rapidly. Faster processing of data results in improved website performance and reduced loading time of site content.

Custom Templates

With Custom Templates, you can configure and fine-tune the perfect server environment and quickly deploy future servers using the same configuration with just a click of a button.

SSH Key Management

Create or import your SSH keys on your server with ease within our Cloud Control Portal. Users can also configure the SSH Keys of their choice to be applied and added to future servers by default.

Instant Scalability

Cloud servers are especially beneficial because they are scalable and customizable. We can increase your cloud server’s dedicated resources at any time in seconds. More RAM? More CPU? Done!


Enterprise Firewall

Every cloud server comes with the ability to set up firewall protection. Firewalls monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic based on the security rules that you define.

Keep your server protected by setting up a firewall profile. Build custom rules for incoming and outgoing traffic based on your server’s specific needs.

Block Storage Volumes

Block storage volumes are a more cost-effective and convenient way to add capacity to your cloud server. Volumes can be attached to your cloud server, providing you with additional drives on which you can store data

Block storage offering saves you from the pain of limited data storage. Don’t limit yourself! Add volumes to your system on the fly within the Cloud Portal for expanded storage space.


Object Storage

Object storage is ideal for ever-expanding data growth. The more data you generate, the more your system has to grow.

Object storage resolves durability issues when your storage systems reach terabytes or petabytes, all without compromising stability or speed.

Frequently Aksed Questions

What is a cloud server?

A cloud server is a virtual server (rather than a physical server) running in a cloud computing environment. It is built, hosted and delivered via a cloud computing platform via the internet, and can be accessed remotely.

Which all service do you support?

At ServerVendors we have a team of experts who can manage all most all the public cloud platforms. We are premium partners with AWS, Digital Ocean and Linode.

Will you help me migrate from my old provider?

We will happily migrate your content from your previous provider on any new service ordered with ServerVendors. Simply submit a ticket requesting the migration and provide our migration experts with the required credentials to perform the transfer. We will review the migration and create a migration game-plan that is specifically tailored to your unique requirements. Upon completion of the migration, our quality assurance team will review every aspect to ensure that it is ready to be presented to you with the final outcome. Once approved by you, we will assist you with any necessary steps to finalize the completion of your migration.

Does migration process requires any additional cost?

No. Migration is free. With the hosting pack that your purchase, you get the free migration from us.

Do I have full control of my Cloud Server?

Root access is provided for any Linux Cloud Server, and full administrator access is provided for any Windows Cloud Server, both granting you full access to your server and the ability to configure it however you like. ServerVendors believes in providing you with as many options as possible, and, as such, we allow you to either fully customize your server right out of the box or simply get up and running with the Operating System installed for you.

Does my cloud server come with a management control panel?

We have built an incredibly user-friendly Cloud Control Portal to give our clients several tools to manage every aspect of their cloud server. This includes features such as DNS Management, Firewall Management, Volume Storage Management, creation of Snapshots, ability to deploy Load Balancers on demand, IPv4 and IPv6 Management, Object Storage containers, and a robust API. To review the plethora of features offered in the Cloud Portal, check out our Cloud Control guide within the Knowledge Base.

What type of server do you have? Will I get high website performance?

Experience quick page loads with our 100% SSD disks as all your website data will be hosted on our SSD server. SSD (Solid State Drive) uses less energy than mechanical hard disks. Resulting in faster webpage speed and increasing the complete usability of your website - that means more visitors, more page views, more interaction and more revenue generation.

Which type of disk is used for storage?

Our servers uses SSD disks for storing all the data on the server. Gone are the days of traditional servers. The new SSD server reduces latency as it has an extremely fast disk for the frequently accessed data. This increases the performance and speed of your website.

Need Expert advice?

We have a team of experts lined up to help you out. We can provide recommendations based on your requirement/usage or help you choose correct plan for you.